Pixie Mafia

Lemartes' Journal

Day 1

Conscious, awake, aware. Alive. I am alive for the first time. I have no memory of before this morning, but I am now alive. I woke at the edge of this huddle of huts and elves, with only a message ringing in my ears and the urge to find a silver-haired elf. As I wandered, I found stones on top of quiet and calm dirt. Stillness clung around them, and even with the string pulling me away, I was able to stay and rest for a while. Once rested I wandered more, overhearing the elves chatter and talk until I saw silver hair. I left the note in her fingers as another pixie appeared and spoke to her. Then another elf came running. He screamed of “blood hawks” and death. Their screech was sharp as they descended on the elves. That’s when I heard it. A voice. Not from my ears or throat, but deeper. It sounded from my bones, crawling up my spine, and rang inside my skull. “KILL…” Force and death flew from my finger tips slaying hawk after hawk. Black rings formed around their necks made of the same quiet dirt I rested upon. There were others fighting as well, with loud booms, fire and large cats. When all the hawks died, I piled what others did not move. Dead, they could still move if I made them. Their bodies needed studying, but first the little girl came. She spoke of death and I heard the voice again. I offered her a deal. If she could mark the Bard with a black ring around his neck, I would kill him for her. I am patiently waiting to see her resolve. Rain started to fall and I went toward shelter in a tree. There I met Thorn and Heppin. Thorn is green around the wrists, but stands firm. Heppin is shy, choosing to speak with illusions and to play. The voice spoke again, but I couldn’t hear what it said. They have become my brothers, baptized in combat against both cockatrees and nothics. And with them around, the voice becomes too quiet to hear. As I look at them now, asleep in this tree after fierce battles, with my hands full of blood from our slain enemies, I am grateful to have met them, and to be alive, and I wish to bring this feeling to those that are still dead. I will find a way to wake them, as I awoke, and they will live once more…raven.jpg



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