Pixie Mafia

The continuing adventures of Zombear and Invisibear

The following is from the perspective of Thorn Jupiterspite

In our adventure today, Thorn and Lemartes stayed behind with Isendra while Heppin was off looking after the kid. Lemartes decided to use this time to practice his very interesting powers and managed to somehow raise the bear that we killed earlier into a zombie form, which was pretty cool to watch, but not something that I anticipate doing myself anytime.

After he raised his new Zombear and tried unsuccessfully to get Isendra to climb onto it, we were suddenly accosted by a few wolves from out of nowhere. I utilized this new opportunity to try out my new form, and changed into my Invisibear form! After quickly dispatching the wolves, we were suddenly faced with even more of them in a pack. One of them managed to take a nasty bite out of me, which just served to enrage me, and I quickly targeted that one specific wolf and took it out. Between myself and Zombear we managed to quickly dispatch more of them, and the rest of the pack fled us. At this point I took further revenge upon the wolf who had managed to injure me and firmly stepped onto it’s head crushing it into the ground.

Subsequently, Lemartes did manage to convince Isendra to climb onto Zombear through pantomime, and we made our way back to town carrying her.



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